It is matter of great pleasure that India Mauritius Trade and Cultural Friendship Forum (IMTCFF) is organizing a Global Partnership Summit in Mauritius From 24 july to 27 july 2016
The World faces great challenges and opportunities these days. Due to increasing interconnectivity and interdependency , a sustainable world require a collective approach based on basic value and shared means to turn the constructive forces driving the world future. The key to growth is now shared between the emerging and advanced economies . While emerging world is restoring global growth and global trade and investments balances, advanced world is bringing innovation , new technology and new approaches to production and services. The world needs to develop new strategies and partnership to lift global growth and support global rebalancing. Global partnership Summit aims to deliberate upon the measures and ways which we define and develop share realities.
I hope that Global Partnership Summit in Mauritius will unite all sectors of society to discuss important issues facing the world and serves as a catalyst for all sectors to accepts responsibility and act accordingly. The event will certainly be a momentous occasions to set forth the future of creating sustainable impact.
I extend my best wishes on the occasion.