India's growing synergy with Africa is evident from the recent trends in trade. The total Trade was than $1 billion in 1990-1991 and has grown to $71 billion in 2014-15
The India Africa trade has grown significantly in the last decade. India has been exported to Africa products such as High speed diesel (HSD), Aviation Turbine Fuel(ATF), medicines and pharmaceutical products, vehicles including motor cars and motor-cycle, electrical machinery & equipment's , mineral chemical fertilizer ,other motor spirits, tires used on buses/ lorries printed books, polypropylene ( a polymer used  in wide variety of a application including packaging , textiles etc.), garments, fabrics, household article of stainless steel and so on. On the other hand India generally  has been imported petroleum oils & oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude and other non- monetary  unwrought forms of gold, coal, copper, ores & concentrates , manganese ore, cobalt ore, & concentrates natural calcium phosphates  , ground and other different ores, slag and ash, nuts –fresh /dried in a shell , phosphoric acid, diamonds,  unwrought silver, woods and article thereof , coffee, tea, mate, , spices and so on.
As a result indian investment in Africa have multiplied and are currently pegged at around $ 35 billion dollar. The value of Africa's Trade with China was approximately $ 210billion in 2013while that with the United states was $85 billion. However recent decline in oil imports from the united states and sluggishness in the Chinese economy    may push the Africans closer to India.
Advantages Mauritius
A Country where the right condition are in place for the conduct of business , for investing working and a high quality of life.

  • A reliable and expanding logistics platform with modern infrastructure.
  • A well- maintained road network.
  • An efficient  port with deep – water quays.
  • An international airport  with a modern terminal and an airport city catering for high value cargo.
  • Connectivity: Mauritius is connected with global business by submarine fibre optics cable: SAFE and LION.


  • Income tax, corporate tax, and vat at a harmonized rate of 15%
  • Tax-free dividend
  • No capital gains tax
  • Foreign tax credit of 80%
  • Duty free & vat free facility for goods and equipment imported in Freeport zones.
  • Tax holiday over 8 years under the smart cities scheme.
  • Tax holiday over 8 years for Bio forming projects.
  • A ten year exemption from  income tax on all income,  inclusive of  income  from external sources, under the MAURITIAN DIASPORA SCHEME.


  • Rule of law and political stability
  • Securities of Assets
  • No minimum capital requirements for the incorporation of a company
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No exchange control
  • Incorporation of a company in 3 working days
  • One- stop shop for launching of a business.
  • Seamless and transparent process for the issuance for  permits and authorization.


  • Time zone allowing round the clock Global transaction.
  • Bilingual (English & French) pool of professional in all field of business.
  • Qualified and multi-skilled workspace.
  • Trusted international finance center.
  • Well-regulated and transparent jurisdiction.
  • Banking services: full range of services from international service providers.
  • OECD white listed international business platform 15.